Environment Technology

NUSCO feels a great interest in protecting limited earth global resources.
We are trying to drive our servo control system as efficiently as possible in terms of energy consume, and we can reduce the energy consume and realize a small contribution to global environment. We have below three earth-friendly technology.

1. energy serving power circuit
We design extreme low inductance wiring for IGBT stack and adopt newest loss-less power device, so that we reduce 50% of energy consume comparing with before.
2. condenser bank system
As shown in detailes on next page, our condenser bank system brings 60% energy saving comparing to normal regenerative resistor system.
3. reduction of mechanical loss by GS-mode control
"GS-mode" realizes machine's fuzzy acceleration with positioning to avoid a mechanical impact caused by linear accleration. This brings the reduction of mechanical loss and energy saving as a result.

We think to protect the global environment is the mission of industrial company like us and we shall make every eff orts to make our products more effi cient in terms of energy saving.

Condenser Bank System


In our servo control system which accelerates and decelerates machines, when motor accelerates the energy is consumed but when motor decelerates the regenerative energy comes up.
The regenerative energy is wasted by heat radiation through regenerative resistor in normal drive system.
Our condenser bank system accumulates the regenerative energy in the condenser bank and reuse its energy when necessary.
This is not only earth-friendly technology but also cost saving for users.

A simulation of CO2 emission quantity:

On the assumption that 110kw motor operates 8hrs/day x 250days/year with mechanical loss 25%,

Regenerative resistor system; 123,750kwh= CO2 emission 49.5ton

Condenser bank system; 49,500kwh= CO2 emission 19.8ton

Thus by comparison the condenser bank system saves 60% energy consumption and reduces about 30ton of CO2 emission per year.